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Introducing our law firm

We Grow Law Firms.
See How Your Firm Can Earn More Money.

An Attorney for Building Your Law Firm

The Of Counsel matches you with a veteran attorney, bringing the tools to help you build and grow profitability in your law firm.  We work with law firms to maximize every aspect of their practice and build domain competence.  We provide services to design and implement legal production workflows, strategic staffing, marketing campaigns, client capture techniques, and expansion tactics for both practice areas & geographic locations. The Of Counsel matches your needs and your budget.

An attorney to work on you​r firm, not just at your firm.  Let's Build. Where Do You Need Help?


Marketing to Feed Your Firm

We develop strategies to create multiple client producing marketing channels.  Discover tactics to understand where to spend your money and when that money is wasted.


Lead Management Makes Marketing Work

The best marketing is worthless without the systems to convert leads into fee producing clients.  Get the tools for your desired clients, built to grow with you seamlessly.


Profitable Production from Your Team

Most firms structure their legal production out of habit as opposed to proper analysis.  We find your underutilized assets and structure end-to-end workflows for your team. 


Who to Hire, Why, and When to Do It

We work with you to implement staffing plans which go beyond filling the needs you have now.  We bring the insights you need to know when to expand and how to make it happen.


Full Plan Implementations

Not doing the things you enjoy in your firm?  Harness the full value from The Of Counsel for every aspect of your firm,  so you are free to do the work that makes you thrive and brings you joy.

News & Updates from The Of Counsel...

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