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02. Legal Production

Profitable Legal Production from Your Team

Structure your firm’s output based on analysis, not habit.  A legal team needs an efficient, repeatable workflow to maximize profitability.  A partner must have the means to track the work done, monitor quality, and spot problems before they are out of control.  Many firms believe their practice area is unique and hard to track.  Others find tracking is easy, but deploy their resources inefficiently.  After years of experience with flat fee billing, contingency fees, and billable hours firms, our attorneys know that one size does not-fit-all.

Every Task for Every Person - Start to Finish


Our workflow diagnostics break down the tasks your firm deploys in handling a legal matter/claim from beginning to end.  From there, we create efficiency tactics based on the legal matters important to you and your clients.  As with everything The Of Counsel does, these systems are built to scale.  We take your workflow data and tasks to build an easy guide for qualifications needed for each new hire going forward.

Ice Blocks

 Start Today - Risk Free & Cost Free

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Do you want to transform your business?  It costs nothing to see what The Of Counsel can do for you.  Our business plan implementations are built to enhance every segment of your law firm.  Working with experienced attorneys help you adapt as your firm grows, we provide the tools to have you ready for each step of success.  See what we can build and implement for you. 

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