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05. Full Plan Implementations

Insights, Planning, & Implementation 

A practical, executable business plan.  A marketing plan with several campaigns working simultaneously, in concert and with every dollar tracked.  Lead management systems that guide every lead into potential client management and signed client conversions.  Legal production workflows for all attorneys and staff efficiently produce fees using the most prudent labor structures possible.  Budgeting the firm and shaping the team to handle the growth to come, before you are forced to play catch-up.

If creating/supervising all of this sounds like a full-time job, that’s because it is.  When you need partner level help, get partner level experience from The Of Counsel.

Pricing and the Speed of Implementation

The Of Counsel develops whole-firm implementations for your business.  While each sector isn’t necessarily the same priority, we make them all work together seamlessly while prioritizing the biggest drivers for your business.  The Of Counsel process works based your needs, pace, and budget.  However, the process begins the same for any tier of service.  As the comprehensive plan is developed, many law firms want to avoid the stumble, stop, and start of implementation.  That's why your Of Counsel attorney can provide full implementation, supervision, and maintenance of your custom business and operations plan package.  Our attorney led projects provide an unparalleled level of professional management supervision. 

Get the insights you need, a developed plans for expansion, and the hands on involvement to make it happen.  Your Of Counsel attorney can provide the speed of implementation you require, based on the.

Ice Blocks

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Do you want to transform your business?  It costs nothing to see what The Of Counsel can do for you.  Our business plan implementations are built to enhance every segment of your law firm.  Working with experienced attorneys help you adapt as your firm grows, we provide the tools to have you ready for each step of success.  See what we can build and implement for you. 

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