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01. Marketing Your Firm

Marketing that Works For You

Quality marketing is the key to superior leads and first-rate clients.  We can help you get both.  The Of Counsel’s Attorneys have decades of experience in business development for law firms with zero budget or more sophisticated firms spending hundreds of thousands of dollars across the multiple states and jurisdictions.  The best place to start is a look at what you’re doing and how it is working.


Did you know most referrals come from 1 of 5 resources?  4 of them are free.

Learn how to leverage your current assets before you pay for marketing.  We help you evaluate all your current marketing resources to determine which are performing best, which resources are underutilized, and where to place your resources.  We help you monitor for diminishing returns and tactics to renew ongoing relationships.  If you’re doing paid marketing, or looking to start, we can help you navigate marketing companies, lead generators, and vendors.  We build out simple ways to track where your marketing dollars are going, what you’re getting out of them, and great ways to scale everything you do into more growth.

Ice Blocks

 Start Today - Risk Free & Cost Free

Get Your Consult Today

Do you want to transform your business?  It costs nothing to see what The Of Counsel can do for you.  Our business plan implementations are built to enhance every segment of your law firm.  Working with experienced attorneys help you adapt as your firm grows, we provide the tools to have you ready for each step of success.  See what we can build and implement for you. 

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