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04. Simplify Your Staffing

Who to Hire, Why, and When to Do It

Staffing creates stress and anxiety across the board, no matter the size of the firm or type of work done.  Knowing who to hire, when, and in what order can be quite deceptive.  Most firms start the hiring process long after the need appears.  That's a terrible idea.  Sifting through resumes, trying to find the right match can feel like a matter of luck as much as skill. The Of Counsel starts by assessing your staffing needs from the start.  The number of people and the work they do is just a start.  After creating high efficiency workflows, your firm can see how maximum output really pays the way for your growth.

Plan for where you are going, not where you were 6 months ago

Growing firms must have established sign posts for staffing growth or they will forever play catch-up.  This isn't just finding the right employee.  A successful firm has triggers to know when to start the process of hiring, who the next 2 or 3 rounds of hires will be, and how to integrate them into your team.  Every step should be a preparation for what comes next.  A natural expansion and evolution, not a screeching upheaval.  Modern trends in hybrid or remote work can offer new opportunities for expansion in ways never imagined.  We bring simple, profitable solutions to grow your team based on a granular analysis of the overall workload and empowering quality attorneys and staff.

Ice Blocks

 Start Today - Risk Free & Cost Free

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Do you want to transform your business?  It costs nothing to see what The Of Counsel can do for you.  Our business plan implementations are built to enhance every segment of your law firm.  Working with experienced attorneys help you adapt as your firm grows, we provide the tools to have you ready for each step of success.  See what we can build and implement for you. 

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