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Does Your Law Firm Need A Turnaround?

Owning a business means owning an octopus of frustrations.  Law firms usually require owners/partners to split their time simultaneously between being the worker (the BEST worker!), the manager, the fire extinguisher, the visionary, and the person implementing that vision of the future.  Easy, right?  Nothing ever falls through the cracks…right?    

Every law firm–no matter the structure or practice area has the same workload.  The difference is simply who does the work and whether the work gets done at all.

As any solo or small firm attorney knows, your job is to: 

  • Do every job until you have someone else to do it, 

  • Be the rainmaker,

  • Avoid heart attacks serving as the “signpost” indicating a new hire is needed,

  • Search, find, vet, interview, and offer the job,

  • Do that again when they ghost you, 

  • Do that again after they take another job (sorry, I heard back from X first and took the job…) 

  • Keep up with all the things you let slide (then fail at that–in random order), 

  • Somehow embody that strange mix of problem ignorer-in-chief while devoutly praying these things don’t all blow up at the same time.

  • Be the in-house legal mastermind,

  • Provide unfailingly great customer service.

Law firms are one of few professions who want to make leadership “stay grounded” by doing basic work any attorney can do.  We teach attorneys to “get their hands dirty” by doing work other staff can do at a fraction of the cost and wonder why the firm isn’t growing as fast as it should.

The Of Counsel develops the most lean, cost effective, and profitable firms possible.  Whether you have a 2 person office or 30 attorneys, we have a proven system and strategy for your needs and your budget.  See what we can do for you.

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