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Services & Fees

Get What You Need, When You Need It

Every firm has different practice-building needs and a different sense of urgency.  Not everyone knows where to start.  We provide an initial consultation to explore where you’ve firm has been, where you’re going, and what it’ll take to get (and stay) there.  With clear tools and language, we put law firms on track.  How you use those tools and take that path is up to you.


You choose the level of involvement needed from your Of Counsel attorney.  Change your mind or change your budget, We’ve got you covered.  We even have business plans and systems to implement for you.  We offer flat fee or hourly options.  You can even spread the work over time or front-load the process. Contact The Of Counsel and build the firm you’ve always wanted.

Providing Help with 3 levels of Involvement 

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation starts with a exploration into your firm's history, purpose, and structure.  We build a picture of what you want the business to do and provide (or figuring that out), what has worked, and what has fallen short.  We examine office structure, client acquisition, legal production, and billing issues.   Starting with a foundation of what you have and what you're trying to do let's us see how we might best work together.  From here we build a plan catered to the needs of your business, your budget, and the manner/speed at which you want services provided.

$$ FREE $$

1.  Basic Services

Your Of Counsel Attorney will develop a custom business plan for you firm, based on your current structure and how you need your firm to grow.  To get there we develop an in-house marketing plan and a comprehensive sales structure.  These workflows and performance trackers will be the glidepath to move your leads into signed/converted clients.  Your Of Counsel attorney will develop legal production workflows, regimented tracking systems and software guidance for staff/attorneys performance.  Finally, we develop smart attorney staffing strategies to reach your goals with scalable structures, designed to grow with you. With a plan, structured workflows, best practices, and directives for the firm to deploy, you'll be ready to transform your law firm. 

Flat Fee with à la Carte Choices

2.  Hybrid Services

Hybrid Services supplement the Basic Services tools and structures with professional, personalized oversight and guidance in your implementations.  Aside from a first-rate business plan and tactical structures for each segment of your business, you move beyond the do-it-yourself experience.  Every part of your business and it's growth receives detailed planning and workflows with an Of Counsel guided implementation.  Professional supervision and guidance of your implementations and management ensure you don't have to take these large leaps on your own.  Check-ins and hands on collaboration with your team come at your choosing.  No matter the amount of assistance you need or the targeted areas in which we work, you control the pace and volume of the attorney's work.  

Base Fee + Monthly Fee Bundles

3.  Full Implementation & Management

As listed in under Basic Services, but your Of Counsel attorney's involvement would handle full implementation with hourly/weekly scheduled based on your needs.  This would include creating/co-creating the firm’s new business plan, the structural build out, implementation, and maintenance of the new structures;  Handling select, ongoing management duties as well as designing, negotiating, and monitoring lead pipelines and client conversion [in coordination with you]; and representing the firm as “Of Counsel” among professional organizations, law firms, and adjacent entities in order drive branding, market share, and business development.  A tailored office procedure manual would be developed for firm’s personnel and operations.  This would include internal triggers for staff/attorney hiring, interviewing, and onboarding based on agreed metrics to match growth.  All systems would be interlaced to create functional flexibility, allowing the business to scale growth by jurisdiction or practice area, as opportunities present themselves.

Custom Pricing From Weekly to Full-Time Services

Where Do You Need Help?


Marketing to Feed Your Firm

We develop systems to create multiple client producing marketing channels.  Discover tactics to understand where to spend your money and when that money is wasted.


Lead Management Makes Marketing Work

The best marketing is worthless without the workflows and systems to convert leads into fee producing clients.  Find the tools that work for your desired client based.


Profitable Production from Your Team

Most firms structure their legal production out of habit as opposed to proper analysis.  We find your underutilized assets, structure end-to-end workflows for your team. 


Who to Hire, Why, and When to Do It

We work with you to implement staffing plans that go beyond filling the needs you have now.  We bring the insights you need to know when to expand and how to make it happen.


Full Plan Implementations

Not doing the things you enjoy in your firm?  Harness the full value from The Of Counsel for every aspect of your firm,  so you are free to do the work that makes you thrive and brings you joy.

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