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What You Need to Know About The Of Counsel

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Any firm could use The Of Counsel's services, no matter the practice area.

There's always uncertainty, whether you're trying to make your first $100,000 or well into having a multi-million dollar law firm. Have you ever wished you could bring a successful peer in-house, to help you build best practices for your firm? Lot's of firms are very good at what they're doing right now. That success is not the same as building what comes next.

“Do you need more growth from your firm? Wish you had a veteran attorney to help you get things moving? The Of Counsel let's you put an experienced professional in your corner.”

What does growth mean to you? More clients? More money? More practice areas? There is lot's to do in order to make that happen. What to do, when to do it, and why can shape everything. Transformations don't happen overnight, but they can happen faster and smarter.

Let us Help You Move Forward

It costs nothing to consult with The Of Counsel and services are matched to your needs and budget. There's nothing to lose, so contact us now! 504.233.9097 or

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