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There Are Only 4 Ways a Law Firm Will Grow

We Can Cover Each One For Your Firm.

All law firms have the same choices in how they might grow their business.  The mechanisms apply to every law firm but few firms deploy them all.  One is ideal when cash flow is low.  Another is routinely ignored.  Firms with diverse practice areas try to use the same techniques over and over, with only passable results.

A Law Firm Can Grow By:

  1. Do More of What You’re Doing Now – Expanding your client base.  This is the easy one to guess.  Are you maximizing the leads you have?  Are you taking the processing of leads seriously?  Do you have a future plan for every lead?  We ensure you know what happens, where things go wrong, and how to address it immediately.

  2. Go Beyond What You’re Doing Now – Expanding your practice area can be a great fit.  Many firms fail to add services that naturally fit with their client base.  Whether it be a new service or building a robust referral program, we find the best integrations for your business and your location.

  3. Do What You’re Doing in New Places – Expand your geographic footprint.  Adding an underserved audience or location can seem risky.  We developed reliable expansion plans which don’t leave you feel like you’re performing without a net.

  4. Get Better at What You’re Doing – Expand the profitability of your legal production.  This is the single most important thing your firm can do.  The success of what you are doing now, the proper understanding of the value of your business, the current practice areas, and the people in your firm as it is now and what it can be starts here.  Without a proper examination of who does what, the wise distribution of that labor, and the efficient structure of the work will determine the profitability of every.  This is the root of all growth. 

Our consultancy has helped firms double their revenue in less than a year.  See what an Of Counsel Attorney can do for you.

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