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Is A.I. Already Digging Through Your Client Files?

What makes you think your law firm isn't being scraped right now?

Lots of law firms are using AI to help in their legal practice.  While some are using it for drafting documents and letters, it is important to know what you are inadvertently providing to AI companies.  Many legal management software companies are integrating AI into their services while simultaneously hosting client documents on their system servers.  

Example:  when an attorney allows AI to review documents to draft the demand in a legal matter, privilege documents are shared.  How can the attorney be certain this privileged data remains locked away in the firm’s “walled garden”?  

When the client data is housed on an AI integrated software server, there is an inherent conflict of interest and a history of ignoring data protection obligations when harvesting can be done in secret.  Why would your software company reveal they’ll use their key to your locked gate.

Google has been quite blunt about OpenAI unlawfully scraping Youtube data to build out its own system [How Tech Giants Cut Corners to Harvest Data for A.I.].  Then it was caught doing the same thing for itself, also digging into google Docs, Sheets, etc.  When caught running afoul of French law against using private date to change it’s LLM (Large Language Model), they didn’t bother to defend against the findings and the $272,000,000 fine levied against the company.  If a company views a quarter billion dollar fine like a parking ticket, rest assured they are not worried about your law firm’s clients, the liability, or the Intellectual Property they’d like to pick through integrate into their business.

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