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What is an Of Counsel Attorney & Why Would My Law Firm Need One?

An "of counsel attorney" is an experienced attorney, hired by a law firm, not as associate or partner, for expertise in specific areas.

This particular skill-set could range from navigating complicated federal court litigation to

offering insights based on legislative experience. Of Counsel attorneys contribute expertise and skills without the full partnership commitment, bringing valuable knowledge to law firms.

The Of Counsel, LLC provides a veteran of counsel attorney for the purpose of building and growing your law firm. Law partners and firm owners wear many hats. For most firms, running the business, growing the business, and handling client legal matters represents 3 full time jobs and some of that work is often left undone. This fractional of counsel attorney builds the structures and fills the gaps in executing the tasks required to grow your firm.

  • Need to grow out of the 1 or 2 person solo firm into something built to grow?-- We've done that!

  • Has your firm been successful but you need to find a way to the next level without crippling risk?-- We've done that!

  • Outgrowing your region, jurisdiction, or state and need to plan your next move?-- We've done that!

  • Need diverse ways to find more leads?-- We've done that!

  • Want to open a new practice area? -- We've done that!

  • Want to expand to another state? Another time zone?-- We've done that!

  • Want a system where hiring and incremental growth is steady, predictable, and easier? -- We've done that!

  • Want a system that can scale to the point of handling thousands of leads? -- We've done that!

  • Want this level of expertise and skill, tailored for most any size firm with any size budget? -- THAT IS WHAT WE DO !

Contact Us and see what an Of Counsel Attorney can do to move your firm forward, where you want it to be.

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