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We Fix Law Firms - A Conversation for Law Partners & Solos

Learn how a fractional of counsel attorney can build the structures to grow your law firm.

Principal attorney Jason Pollan joins Yoon Cannon of Trustbook Media for a conversation about the traps that a stall law firms' growth and how to overcome them. From solo practitioners to multi-state firms with dozens of partners, we share solutions for all. Click below for highlights and notes if you're short on time. At The Of Counsel, we help law firms across the U.S. and we can help yours too.

Listen Here & check out the highlights below.

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An Of Counsel Attorney Anyway

Fractional counsel, as described by Pollan, involves working with law firms on a part-time or as-needed basis. Flexible solution: Tap into seasoned attorney expertise without the financial burden of a full-time partner commitment for law firms. This approach is particularly beneficial for solo practitioners and small law firms looking to expand their capabilities.

Identifying Common Legal Firm Challenges:

Pollan pinpoints a common issue in law firms: unclear strategy and reactive behavior, addressing problems only when they become crises. Whether it’s a solo attorney or a 50-attorney firm, he points out that firms often fail to proactively assess their operations and staffing needs. Instead, they wait until something becomes a problem before addressing it.

Creating Workflows and Efficiency:

One of Pollan’s key recommendations is to create detailed workflows for every legal matter handled by the firm. These workflows serve as roadmaps, guiding attorneys and staff through each step of a case, from initial client contact to case resolution.

Break down tasks, delegate work to paralegals or team members. This optimizes efficiency by identifying responsibilities within the firm.

Overcoming Reluctance to Delegate:

One of the most significant challenges law firms face is the reluctance to delegate tasks. Pollan acknowledges that many attorneys believe they can do certain tasks better than anyone else. However, he emphasizes the importance of training and mentoring staff to bring them up to the desired level of performance. Delegation doesn’t mean abdicating responsibility; it means empowering team members to excel.

The Role of Fractional Advocate:

Fractional counsel, according to Pollan, can play a pivotal role in training and assessing a law firm’s staff. This includes paralegals, associates, and other team members. Ensure staff understands the legal process, communicates effectively with clients. This enhances client experience and boosts overall efficiency for firms.

Customized Solutions:

Pollan’s approach to fractional counsel is highly customizable. He tailors his services to meet the unique needs of each law firm. Whether it’s assisting with marketing, training, or taking on specific legal tasks, he adapts his role to address the firm’s challenges effectively.

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