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The Critical Mistake Many (Most?) Law Firms Make

Law firms are filled with people who are no stranger to hard work. From law school to legal practice to entrepreneurial careers, they’re used to putting in the work. Many carry a deep respect for the work and grit that says theirs nothing they cannot do. No task too big or small. Many partners think back to what they did when they were associates and have the same expectations for employee attorneys.

So what’s the problem?

They're using attorneys as a paralegals & legal assistants. Any firm using an attorney to do administrative or paralegal work is not using a down-to-earth “nothing is beneath us to do it” roll-up-the-sleeves ethos. That firm is paying attorney (or partner) money for a paralegal or administrative assistant. A make-do ethos (or worse yet, overcharging clients for billable hours) drains value from the firm and skews any calculation for who to hire next, when to do it, and what exactly they should do. The Of Counsel works with firms in most any practice area, all over the U.S., to build workflows that maximize labor costs at every juncture. Contact The Of Counsel and see what sophisticated, practical planning can do for your bottom line.

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