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01. Lead Management

Lead Management Makes Marketing Work


Poor lead management can make the best marketing worthless.  It can leave a firm unable to see where the marketing is succeeding or compare it with new marketing campaigns.  The Of Counsel’s basic diagnostic system can ease the process of highlighting the components that work and flagging the ones that fail.  We have a simple evaluation process that lets any partner see how close to the mark they are from day one.  This vital, as any firm unable to handle leads properly can never know how good a lead resource truly is.

Learn About the 6 True Outcomes for Any Lead

Most firms lump leads into 2 categories:  ones who signed a contract and ones who didn’t.  That’s far from the truth.  The real number is 6.  Without a plan to identify and address all 6, a marketing campaign will never scale and can never work in conjunction with additional/new marketing campaigns.  The Of Counsel helps you track the performance, monitor an internal support team, and maintain complete oversight of outsourced marketing teams.  More importantly, we unlock a myriad of re-marketing options building off the work (and money!) a firm has already extended.  We can create lead management system for any practice or size, whether it’s marketing across the city or across the country.

Ice Blocks

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Do you want to transform your business?  It costs nothing to see what The Of Counsel can do for you.  Our business plan implementations are built to enhance every segment of your law firm.  Working with experienced attorneys help you adapt as your firm grows, we provide the tools to have you ready for each step of success.  See what we can build and implement for you. 

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