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Who We Are & What We Do

Attorneys Who've Been There

We provide operational strategy, operational implementation, and operational management at the pace, price, and degree to fit your firm. 


The Of Counsel pairs your law firm with an experienced attorney who had decades of experience building firms in a variety of practice areas such as personal injury, family law, business litigation, tech start-ups, bankruptcy, bio-tech, criminal law, elections & civil rights, real estate, workers' compensation, and more.  Whether you want expansion in your current market, a boutique practice, or expansion into new jurisdictions, your Of Counsel attorney has been there too and knows how to help.  Your Of Counsel attorney will work through persistent or unique problems with your business, develop tactics for your specific needs, and implement the solutions with you.    

The unique structure of our system allows maximum flexibility no matter the size of your firm or level of experience.  We realize owning a firm, working for your clients, and growing the business can represent 3 full plates for any attorney.  Your Of Counsel attorney brings a depth of knowledge which only comes from being in a partner's  shoes, simultaneously dealing with staffing, hiring, marketing, litigation, and demanding clients.  Whether you’re looking to expand your firm into new states/practice areas or need to get your current house in order, we know what it takes to succeed because we have been there.


Our system allows you to choose the areas to target, depth of involvement, and pace at which the work is done.  We get you where you want to be, on your terms.  We aren’t providing career/success/life coaching from an armchair quarterback.  We do provide a colleague and mentor from an attorney who’s done the work and can help you with tried and true law firm solutions.

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