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What is an Of Counsel Attorney Anyway?

What it is...

An of counsel attorney is a legal professional who has a close, ongoing relationship with a law firm or legal organization but is not considered a partner or an associate in the traditional sense. The term "Of Counsel" is used to describe attorneys who provide their expertise and services to law firms on a regular or semi-regular basis but are not necessarily full-time employees.

Typically, of counsel attorneys have significant experience and expertise in a particular area of law and are sought after for their specialized knowledge. They may have previously been partners in a law firm or a former judges, or even former elected officials.  In each case they operate to provide very particular insights a law firm needs.  Of counsel attorneys often have a contractual relationship with the law firm, outlining their specific duties, responsibilities, and compensation. They may be involved in advising clients, providing legal opinions, assisting with complex cases or transactions, mentoring junior attorneys, or contributing to the firm's strategic decisions.

The role of an Of Counsel attorney can vary depending on the specific arrangement and needs of the law firm. Some firms bring in
outside attorneys for specific cases or projects.  The Of Counsel comes in when that project is your law firm.  There are 4 ways to grow a law firm:


What this is NOT.

  • This is not a success consulting...

    • It is an attorney who will help you build and grow your firm.

  • This is not a service providing endless to-do lists, and a wagging finger when the list is not done...

    • It an attorney deployed to work with your law firm to build and implement your business plan​.

  • This is not a life coach...

    • This is a colleague with practical experience growing law firms so that owners can have more time for their lives.​

  • This is not an attorney practicing law outside of a licensed jurisdiction...

    • It is an attorney building the firm you want to have, without adding to your E&O insurance bill!


Let’s Work Together

Find out how an Of Counsel attorney can work for your law firm.

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